1)Trace Hucks Changing attitude towards Jim throughout the course of the novel.

Actual Letter: hi there,
ure web site is MAD!!!!!!!! i am getting chills about it :) its jus that
i have this poblem with the book. I am reading it for english and i have
to answer these questions on it well actually i have to choose one, i
was thinking if u could maybe send me abit of info about either one that
u knew most about or if u could both, it would be very apprecited.
The question is:
Hucks statement "He had an uncommon level head for a nigger" <i think it
was in Chapter 14> Trace Hucks changing attitude to Jim in the first
half of the novel. Thanx alot.

Answer Given: It is largely debated how much Huck's attitude really changes toward Jim in the course of the novel. In my opinion, Huck's attitude changes towards a more benign attitude to Jim, but reverts back to it's more playful attitude. Basically, as the novel starts, Huck and Tom Sawyer play a trick on Jim, and pester him about his hairball and such. Later on, this non caring attitude that Huck has changes by their journey on the ship. Huck's becomes very caring and protective for Jim, where this reaches a climax at the point where Huck saves Jim from two slave catchers by tricking them to think Jim was Huck's small pox ridden father. However, it seems apparent that this change is temporary when Jim is held captive by the Phelps, and once again Huck and Jim play games with Jim with little care for his safety.

Furthermore, this relationship could be said to be based on the location at which the two are. In appears that whenever Huck and Jim are on the Raft, they can co-exist as equals, however, in several instances when they leave the raft, their relationship conforms back to the norm of the time in which Huck is master and Jim is slave, This occurs at least twice when Huck and Jim meet the Duke and dauphin and the treatment Jim gets when they get shipwrecked and Huck is taken in by the Grangerfords.

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