2)The Symbolism of the Mississippi River in Huckleberry Finn.


Actual Letter: I would like to know how you think the Mississippi River symbolizes various
things. For example, a haven for Huck and Jim, a provider etc. I am writing
an essay in class and I have read through your notes and I think you can help
me if you would. Please contact soon. Thanks.

Answer Given: The River has been associated with many things. Twain takes a rather Romantic view of the river, as he glorifies the peacefulness Huck and Jim enjoy as they stroll down the Mississip. In one sense, The river symbolizes the good aspects of nature, as opposed to the misshappenings that occur anytime Huck and Jim go into the civilized world. Given the association that the river is equal to nature, it is also assumed that the river, in some sense, can be refered to as Utopia. It is the only place where Jim and Huck interact as equals and it is also where many ideas are shared, (when Huck and Jim talk about King Soloman and such) The river could also symbolize unconformity, freedom, and refuge.

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