5)Cases of Greed, Morality, and Hypocrisy in Huck Finn.


Actual Letter: The site is WONDERFUL!!! IT helped me SOOO much, you wouldn't understand! So thanks! But i was wondering if there was anywhere i can find out about
Morality, racism, free will greed, hypocrisy ect..in the book If you can help
me it would be WONDERFUL!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

Answer Given:Ummm, one page I think touched on all of those, that was Savanna's Huck Finn page, There should be a link to it off my page. Ummm, off the top of my head, I could give you some things that happened in the book that follow with those, Like morality would be when Tom Sawyer stops Huck from stealing, I think it was some candlesticks, or when Huck decideds not to turn Jim into the slavecatchers while on the river. Some cases of free will occur mostly when Huck says he doesn't wanta be civilzed (like the last sentence of the book) Cases of greed would be centering around the duke and dauphin, while trying to swindle the Wilkes, The Duke and Dauphin actually get something like 4,000 dollars, but they don't run away cause they could get more money, and they end up losing everything. A case of hypocrisy I think I kinda touched on in my overview, I don't know if you read it or not, but anyways, Twain makes both society and religion hypocritical, in my overview, I think an example I used was the whole fued thing where both families brought guns to a church which is supposed to teach brotherly love, kinda hypocritical. Well, hope that helps, and thanks for the comments on the page...

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