Game Recaps
Game 92 - vs. The Clubhouse

The Os continued their recent winning ways in a somewhat unconventional way. For the first time in their 92 game history the Os won via a forfeit. Clubhouse was unable to field a full team so the game was called. This made Clubhouse only the second team to suffer two loses to the Os.

Fortunately the stat girls were at the game and were able to chronicle the ensuing scrimmage agains No 1 Else (who were kind enough to play a second game). However, this leaves your humble Os stats database manager with a dilemma: What do I do with scrimmage stats? How do I treat a forfeit? Here's the rundown on the game...

To fill the No 1 Else team, The Giant played for the opposition, earning him a near-unanimous O-Phy in his last scheduled appearance (7 votes to 4 for the rest of the team). Despite his solid play and the crisp passing of No 1 Else, the Os were able to play an uptempo game exploiting the fatigue of No 1 Else. E-Bomb led the way with 14 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals. Buckets, making his first appearance as an O scored the first 6 points for the Os, perhaps the best Os debut ever. Roster Guard and Lil' Joe helped to speed up the pace, posting 10 points (with 7 rebounds) and 6 points respectively.

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