Game Recaps
Game 108 - vs. Sub!

In a high scoring overtime matchup against Sub!, the Os came up just a few buckets short. The Os brought a 2 game winning streak against Sub! into the game. The Os trailed through much of the second half, but rallied to make the game close. Sub! had the ball out of bounds under the Os basket when a Sub! guy made a break to get open. Unfortunately for Sub!, he executed a move familiar to the Os, putting the ball in the wrong basket. Luckily for the Os, it tied the game and sent it to overtime.

In the extra period, Sub! was able to take the victory, 52-48. In an interesting Ophy “vote”, Roster Guard took home the Ophy. Or perhaps kept the Ophy at home would be a better description considering he hosted the postgame festivities.

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