For many, the image on right may illustrate their primal fear - to have their fingers rendered useless by super glue! However, the need for the repair of various knickknacks requires to use of this all important glue and the need to come face to face with this fear. In this experiment, scientific AmeriKen takes a leap of faith that science can break the bonds by sealing the fingers in a hope to find household chemicals that can offer freedom.

Through using the power of the internet it is readily suggested that acetone (AKA Nail polish remover) can free super glue sealed fingers. However, not all households may carry this substance readily. Scientific AmeriKen refutes the notion that those without acetone are doomed to a life of finger bondage. On the notion that all that is required for freeing the fingers is a strong solvent, the hypothesis of this experiment is one of the many regular household substances can save the day.

Initially acetone was found and a preliminary test was done by placing a drop of super glue between the ring and middle finger (two fingers that normally stick together anyway) to make sure freedom was attainable with the strongest solvent before moving on to more important fingers.
For the experiment, various solvents were collected from around the house. Next, a drop of super glue was placed between the thumb and left index finger tip and the two fingers were bonded together. A Q-tip was then dipped in the various solutions, one at a time, and applied in a "dab/saw like motion" to attempt to free the fingers. Time was loosely estimated.

Substance Result Est. Time
Water Freedom ~40 seconds
Dish soap+water Freedom ~30 seconds
Olive oil Freedom ~1 minute
Vinegar Freedom ~1 minute
Lemon Juice Freedom

~40 seconds

Acetone Freedom

~30 seconds

Q-Tip only Freedom ~1.5 minutes

In summary it appears the only thing to fear with super glue is fear itself! It is especially surprising to note that no substance is required if one has a Q-tip handy. Although, each of the substances seem to have an effect of speeding up the process. Also of interest was the observation that acetone seemed to be no better than soapy water, perhaps weakening the claim of so many that acetone is the holy grail of super glue cures. Taken together these data hopefully ease the worries of millions on the front lines of repairing glasses, toys and much much more.


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