Purpose:  Seek knowledge in the sciences. To delve into the unknown world of chemistry, physics, biology, and general science, in an effort to gather percentages, statistics, and general knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

On October 8th, 1996, Scientific AmeriKen announced the above statement of purpose to the world. With a blink of the eye ten years has come and gone and Scientific AmeriKen welcomes its aluminum anniversary with a sense of accomplishment, yet wisdom in knowing there is more to be done.

With over 86 experiments to date completed, roughly nine per year, Scientific AmeriKen has delved deep into the unknown gathering useful facts - important for everyone! For instance - the world now knows that most ants can not survive more than 2 minutes in a microwave, that a golf ball made out of silly puddy travels nearly half the distance as a standard golf ball, and mixing sugar with vinegar does absolutely nothing!

With over nine areas of science covered Scientific AmeriKen has come across no boundaries to hold back its quest. Seen below is a breakdown of the areas of science covered:

More importantly, Scientific AmeriKen is even more in tune with its reader base then ever before! New subscriber features give notices of new experiments sparing the day to day checking most users had to endure before (for FREE!). Forums and opportunities to donate money allow users to help fund Scientific AmeriKen and share their thoughts on experiments they would like to see! Plus, new built in scien-counter technologies? track the experiments you like the most! (Currently #1: Penny Cleaning, #2: Oxidation Prevention, #3: M&M's vs Skittles, #4: Pomogranite Seed Growing,#5: Validity of Pi)

Despite the triumphs of the past the real successes will be found in the future! Scientific AmeriKen is excited for what will be seen in the next 10 years. Advances in scientific knowledge (2 years and counting towards the Ph. D. in biochemistry - even if it just to prove this guy wrong -Link-), Web skills (4 years industry experience), and improved grammar/spell checking (just look at the first experiments!). The desire to seek knowledge is stronger then ever before, the tools have arrived and the planets have aligned - subscribe today and watch Scientific AmeriKen push the limits of humankind farther than ever before!

Thanks to all of the worlds creatures for their sacrifices and/or assistance in the experiments of the last 10 years. The memory and/or deed will
be with Scientific AmeriKen forever!