Driving Efficiency and the Club

Purpose: The club is one of the fastest growing forms of anti-theft for vehicles in the United States. One flaw of the club is that it is dependant upon a lock and key system and in such systems, the key has a variable chance of being lost. Scientific AmeriKen will probe into the ability of a person to drive a car that has been "clubbed".

Hypothesis: In most cars, the steering column can be adjusted. This is an important fact in that it will allow some mobility with the club, and the steering wheel can be turned, while being adjusted, so that the club doesn't stop the progress of the wheel by hitting the windshield or the driver's limbs. Therefore, the hypothesis of this experiment is that a car with the club will be able to be driven.

Equipment: Required for this experiment is one club, a car with adjustable steering wheel, a large open space, roughly 125 yards by 50 yards, 5 markers (preferably orange cones), a stop watch, and pen and paper.

Procedure: The first step is to set up the test field. This is done by placing a marker down, counting off 25 yards, and placing another marker down, and proceeding in this fashion until there are 2 outside (start & finish) and 3 inside markers. Start the car, drive to the first marker, and start the timer. As quick as possible, drive on the left of the first marker, right of the second, left of the third and right of the finish line. When the finish line is reached, stop and record time. Repeat the process one more time, and twice with the club applied. Review results.


Time: 16 seconds

Observations: Done Without Club

Time: 13 seconds

Observations: Done Without Club

Time: 1 minute 24 seconds

Observations: Done with club, twice car had to be placed in reverse to allow space for turn.

Additional: Only half of car crossed finish line due to truck parked off right in relation to finish line.

Time: 1 minute 12 seconds

Observations: Done with the club, the car had to make a 5 point turn to make it around marker 3 and finish line.

Trial Type Trial #1 Trial #2 Average Time
Without Club 16 secs 13 secs 14.5 seconds
With Club 1 minute 24 secs 1 minute 12 seconds 1 minute 18 seconds
Average time: No Club Average Time: With Club Driving efficiency with Club
14.5 seconds 78 seconds 18.6%

Conclusion: The experiment has shown that driving with the club is possible. However, Scientific AmeriKen STRONGLY STRESSES that this activity be done only as necessity and where no other cars are seen. Judging by the fact that a small right turn took a 5 point turn to complete, the average trip while using the club may take 5 times as longer. Though this experiment has shown that driving with the club is possible, it is best not to forget your keys.


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