The Fixing of Game Controllers

Purpose: As with any game system, the most likely product to discontinue its workability is the game controller. This week, Scientific AmeriKen will stray away from useful science, to focus on the repair of one of these controllers.

Hypothesis: The particular controller to be repaired, is one that the cord has been severed in half by a dog. Based on the electric conductivity of the materials of the wires, it is hypothesized that by connecting the proper severed wires back into place, the controller will once again achieve 100% workability.

Equipment: For this experiment, one controller with severed wires will be required, scissors, knife, or wire strippers, electrical tape, and the proper game system, with a game that will test the controller to its full capacity.

Procedure: Inside the controllers main cable are roughly 9 smaller self contained cables. Each of these cables are color coded. Step one is to take both sides of one of the colors. Strip both sides until a 1/4 inch of the inner copper cable is exposed. Take both sides, and twist them together, then place the electrical tape around the two wires, holding them in place, and exposing none of the copper cable. Repeat the process with all the colors, then encase the whole cable with the electrical tape. Plug the controller into the game system, and test each button. Observe any results.



Expected Purpose

Actual Occurence When Activated


Button is intended to pause the game when pressed. Game became paused when the start button was pressed.


Character is supposed to dive when button is pressed. Character made a diving motion when the button was pressed.


Switches between players, breaks tackels, deflects passes. Button was non-functional.


Tackles other players, passes the ball, breaks tackles. Pauses the game.
Movement Pad Moves character around the screen. Character would move down when right was pressed, and would not move down when down was pressed. Other directions functioned normally.

Note: Game used was John Madden Football 96'

Conclusion: Unfortunantly, the control didn't function at 100%. Perhaps the wires were not effectively connected to each other, or perhaps the lost lenght of the main cable caused the wire to short, or futhermore, not work properly. Perhaps on a rainy day further experimentation will take place on the controller, however, until then, a new controller will have to be purchased and the dog will have to be admonished.

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