Golf Ball Modification Experiment
Purpose: The strive to increase the distance of one's shot has been a time honored tradition in golf ever since the beginnings of the sport at St. Andrews. Time has shown the various golf swings, the improved golf clubs, and the technologically advanced golf balls. This bi-week, Scientific AmeriKen will attempt to increase the average distance of a particular golf ball by making basic changes to it's form.

Hypothesis: The Hypothesis of this experiment is that one of three alterations to a golf ball will result in improved distance. The three methods include increased mass, change in outside aerodynamics, and the third is by adding increased propellants. Though the modern day golf ball is a technological marvel in itself, Scientific AmeriKen hypothesizes that by making these "illegal" alterations, it will give the golf ball the necessary elements to break distance records.

Equipment: For this experiment, the following is required: 3 golf balls, a driver, a large open area to perform the experiment, tape (used was scotch tape), a bottle rocket, and tools to alter the shape of the cover of the golf ball, either chisel cork screw, or other perforating device (used for this experiment was a dog).

Observations: Weather for day of the experiment was clear, with breeze in the direction of the golf shots at about 8 m.p.h. and temperature was about 78 degrees.
Type of Golf Ball Alterations  Ave. Distance Before Ave. Distance After
Wilson Tc Bottle Rocket added to exterior 265.5 184.0
Topflight xL Scotch Tape added to outside to increase weight 255.0 143.0
Titlist Tour Balata Cover was torn and indented by Dog 275.0 134.0
Conclusion: Unfortunately, the hypothesis was proven wrong, and the alterations performed on the golf balls did very little to increase performance. However, the failure of these 'improvements' to the golf ball says very little about other alterations that may one day be found. Until then, the search for other methods to improve the golf ball continues.

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