Muscle Experiment Part II: Muscle Decrease
Purpose: In Muscle Experiment I the purpose was to find the possible method of generalizing the rate of muscle increase. This bi-week, Scientific AmeriKen will attempt to find the best possible method of classifying the rate of muscle decrease.

Hypothesis: Given the fact that the rate in Muscle Experiment I was best classified as a logarithmic graph, it is hypothesized that the rate of muscle decrease should remain as an inverse of muscle increase, and can be generalized in a similar fashion, as the rate will decrease as time continues rather then increase or remain the same.

Equipment: Required for this experiment is dependent on the exercise medium used. Used in this experiment was a weight set. Also needed for this experiment is pen and paper.

Procedure:  The procedure of this experiment is basically keeping muscles inactive for long periods of time. In Muscle Experiment I, muscle increase was measured in number of repetitions done every day. In this experiment, each of these test were performed every two weeks, and the results recorded and graphed.

Results: Graph on left shows results, Graph two shows two possible best fit curves.

Conclusion: Based on the graphical information, it is concluded that like Muscle Experiment I, the rate of decrease of muscle decrease is best generalized as logarimthic, in other words, the rate decreases as time continues.

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