One vs. Two Eyes: Target Shooting
Purpose: Target shooting has been a competitive sport since the invention of the gun. Though styles are similar as to the approach of the hitting of a target, there has been one thing among others that has been dissimilar - whether one aims with one eye open or two eyes.

Hypothesis: It is the hypothesis of this experiment that a person who aims with one eye closed, will better be able to concentrate through the sight, and thus be a more efficient shooter.

Equipment: This experiment will require a pellet gun or a .22 rifle (depending on space and legality), ammunition, 4 aluminum cans, and pen and paper.
Procedure: The first step is to place the 4 cans side by side, and pace off a certain distance. Then close one eye, take aim, and shoot at the four cans, until all are down. Record how many shots it took to knock off the four cans. Repeat this process, but this time, keep both eyes open while shooting, record results, and compare.
Observations: Wind was from the west at about 15 MPH, distance of shooting was 22 yards (66 ft.)
Way of Sighting Shots taken to knock off four cans
Sight was looked at with other eye closed 8.5
Sight was looked at with both eyes open 7
Conclusion: Based on the data, it is conjectured that better target shooting is done when both eyes are open. This result. however, is debatable due to many variables that can effect this result. On the other hand, assuming the results to be true,  it could then be said that the reason why two eyes are better then one could be because it allows for better balance while holding the gun, allowing it to be held stiller, or the extra eye gives a better perspective to aim with.

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