Scientific AmeriKen is proud to announce the end of another successful year. Despite a year riddled with failed experiments, missed deadlines, the loss of the official mascot,  and more spelling errors then ever, Scientific AmeriKen still pulled out the year on the threshold of new discovery. Though knowledge gained was bountiful it is also apparent that for the most part each experiment only opened up a multitude of new questions. The following is a collection of stats reflecting on the past year, as for the future, Scientific Ameriken remains hopeful that discovery and knowledge from the world of science will continue!
  • A total of 24 experiments accomplished including requested experiments. The Chart on right explains which sciences are covered.
  • Scientific AmeriKen correctly predicted 11 out of 23 scientific experiments with one still open to debate.
  • Page hits increased over 400% from previous year totals as roughly 8500 hits were clocked. This averages out to roughly 327 hits per experiment. Sources of these extra hits are believed to be links from yahoo and other personal homepages. THANKS!
  • Again Scientific AmeriKen has served the year on two different servers, Geocities and Xoom; however, there are currently no plans to move.
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