Construction and Charging of the Lyndon Jar
Purpose: To construct a device capable of holding a static electricity charge.

For Lyndon Jar: One two liter soda bottle, aluminum foil, scotch tape, glue, water, and scissors
For Induction Charging kit: One styrofoam plate, one styrofoam cup, one aluminum pie tin, glue, piece of wool.

Construction of Lyndon Jar: First step is to cut off the top half of the 2 liter bottle. Then glue, aluminum foil along the inside of the bottom half. Then tape another strip of aluminum foil around the outside. Cut off another strip of aluminum foil, and roll into a long straight tube. Tape this vertically connected so that a portion of it hangs above the top edge of the bottom half of the two liter bottle. Fill the bottle with water and the lyndon jar is complete.

Construction of the Induction Kit: The only step is to glue the styrofoam cup onto the aluminum pie tin.
Charging by Induction: The first step is to take the wool, and rub the styrofoam plate. Once the plate is charged, hold the pie tin by the styrofoam cup, and touch it with your other hand. Place the pie tin on the styrofoam plate. While the two are together, touch the pie tin to the outside edge of the lyndon jar. Then slide the pie tin horizontally away from the jar, until it is off of the styrofoam plate. Finally, to complete the cycle, touch the pie tin to the neck to the inner aluminum foil. After repeating the process several times the lyndon jar will be charged.

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