A sea monkey (Artemia salina var.)
Artist rendition
Purpose: Of all the most famous biological experiments that were ever to exist, the creation of sea monkeys probably stands as the most enjoyable. The purpose of this experiment is to see whether the knowledge of the past two years of Scientific AmeriKen's is sufficient in preparing one to actually get a sea monkey kit to work.
Hypothesis: Based on the new improvements in recent years (i.e. increased hatching rates in sea monkeys) It is the hypothesis that by following the prescribed directions, sea monkeys will eventually hatch.
Equipment:  All equipment is provided in a sea monkey starter kit. However, in this experiment, the sea monkey company forgot to include "packet 1: Water purifyer" because of this, salt and fish bowl purifyer were used in place.
Procedure: Directions are included in the sea monkey starter pack, because 'packet 1' was not included, for this experiment, prescribed step 1 was ommited, and replaced with the additional steps of dumping a 'goodly' amount of salt and 3 drops of fish bowl purifyer.
Another artist rendition of
a sea monkey.
Observations: Within one week sea monkey life was visable! Within two weeks -- all the sea monkeys were dead.
Conclusion: The experiment was successful and sea monkeys were brought to life under the care of Scientific AmeriKen! A true marker that over the past two years, scientific knowledge is indeed increasing. Unfortunantly, all the monkeys died, for causes unknown, however believed to be a result of bacterial infection, caused by wrongful water purification techniques. A letter is has been sent to the company and new materials are being requested. Results of this letter are still pending.

Scientific AmeriKen