Requested Experiment 
 Experiment Idea?
                                         do some genetic tests to show that a snail is an insect
                                         (or "bug") as you called it such in the static electricity
                                         experiment. maybe you could just do some homology tests,
                                         like for example the snail's legs are similar to an
                                         ant's... hm wait a second...
                                  - Rob (student)

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to classify a snail as a 'bug' or something else by means of comparative anatomy.

Hypothesis: Because Scientific AmeriKen proclaimed a snail as a bug on the March 18 experiment Strength of Static Electricity, it must be the hypothesis of this experiment to support the previous statement and proclaim that a snail is indeed a bug.

Equipment: Needed for this experiment is a snail, bug optional, a dissection kit (included is a scalpel, forceps, scissors, and a pin) and a pen and paper.

Procedure: First label and describe the external structures of the snail. This should be all that is needed to determine whether a snail is a bug or not. Further experimentation may include removal of the shell and incision and description of the internal structures.

External structures of a snail

External structures inside of shell. Actual coloration attempted.

Internal structures could not be determined due to excessive amounts of snail slime.

 Conclusion: By comparison to what is scientifically 
considered a "true bug" (picture on right) it is apparent that Scientific AmeriKen is wrong in calling a snail a bug. In recognition of this fact, Scientific AmeriKen will award Rob his choice of music in this experiment.

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         "Trash the songs and animated GIFs. might also want to spell check."
                                                           - Rob