Requested Experiment #2 
Experiment Idea?
Figure out what dirt is made of. (I don't know!)
                       -Kastin Mattern (age 10)
Purpose: Long has humankind used dirt to cultivate farms, build houses, and much more, without much thought as to what 'dirt' is. Though science has answered this question down to the littlest molecules (which will be discussed in the conclusion), Scientific AmeriKen will perform it's own series of experiments to find out what exactly dirt is made of.

Hypothesis: Because dirt is on the ground and rocks are on the ground it is the hypothesis of this experiment that dirt is in actuality small rocks.

Equipment: Used in this experiment are dirt, newspapers, coffee filters, a cup and water.

Procedure: Take the dirt and place it in the coffee filter. Then take the water and run it over the dirt catching the water on the other side in a cup. After this is done for awhile, take the stuff that is in the cup and place it through the newspaper. Observe everything that is collected.

Observations: The coffee filter contained a multitude of tiny multicolored rocks. Most rocks were about the size of sand grains while a few were a little large largest was about the thickness of 5 dimes (5 mm). Inside the newspaper was a collecting of really fine dust like particles.

Conclusion: Based on the observations it would seem as though dirt is composed of rock that is small and more rock that is smaller. However, in truth, dirt is scientifically called soil. It is composed of not only rock (usually contains elements such as calcium, magnesium, silicon, aluminum and iron) as prescribed above, but also the breakdown of organic materials (tree branches and leaves for example) 
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                                                                    -Kastin Mattern (age 10)