Requested experiment #3 
Experiment Idea?  
     What substances will Drano actually eat through?         -Libby Weber  
Purpose: To test different substances drano will dissolve.

Hypothesis: It is most likely that drano is in actuality a very strong base. Because of this it is the hypothesis of this experiment that drano would dissolve organic materials like hair and papers, but not inorganic materials like metals.

Equipment: Required for this experiment is drano, test tubes, water, and various substances to test upon.

Procedure: Take each substance one at a time and apply drano to it, observe and record results. Dilute with water before disposal.

Object Effect drano has upon it
Human hair Noticeably dissolved some of the hair, however, hair remained clogged in the test tube.
Bullet Casing Nothing real noticeable changed with the bullet casing initially, however, after about 10 minutes, the casing looked slightly shiner.
Paper Napkin no noticeable effects
Black snake fireworks After roughly 30 minutes, color change from charcoal black to white and noxious gasses were noticeable.
Used tea grains no noticeable effects
Daddy longlegs spider Initially there was no noticeable effect, spider died after about 1 minute. Within 2 hours, the spiders legs were dissolved.

Conclusion: It was apparent that the drano didn't really 'eat' through anything, rather, it was with prolonged contact with the drano that actually causes substances to dissolve. It is also observed that it is not readily predictable whether or not the drano works better on organic materials or inorganic materials.

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