Experiment Idea?
                                       "explosions really do offer a wealth of opportunity..."
            - Brian Johnson  (USA)
Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to cause the explosion of a golf ball.
Hypothesis: Given a golf ball with a liquid core, it is the hypothesis of this experiment that the liquid in the core, under tremendous heat, would create enough pressure as to explode the ball.
Equipment: Used in this experiment was one Titleist tour balata golf ball and a blow torch. Gloves, safety goggles and other protective gear highly recommended as well as a fire extinguisher.
Procedure: The first step in this experiment is to place the golf ball on the ground. Attach all applicable safety gear and then light the blowtorch. Place the flame on the golf ball and observe any results.
Results: Upon contact with the flame the golf ball began to melt then catch fire. When the blow torches flame finally reached the core, water burst out of the core, shooting a thin stream roughly 8 feet from the ball. Water emission lasted roughly a second. The blow torch was removed at this point. The ball continued to burn, roughly 20 seconds later the golf ball violently jumped off the ground about 25 feet into the air still lit and came down where it had to be extinguished.  
Conclusion: Based on these observations that golf ball indeed explodes and rather violently. Given this, Scientific AmeriKen stresses extreme caution in duplicating this experiment as it is perceived that flying fireballs are a dangerous thing. 
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