Explosions in Small vs. Large Containers
Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether more force is applied out the top of a small bottle or a larger bottle when an explosive device is detonated inside.
Hypothesis: Because it is expected that more momentum will be wasted in the larger volume of the larger container, it is hypothesized that the smaller container well recieve more force with which to propel the golf ball forward.

Equipment: 2 containers (one larger then the other), one golf ball, 2 m-90 class "C" explosives, one butane lighter.

Procedure: Take one of the m-90's and pin the wick such that the ball is on top of the mouth of the container and holding the firecracker there. Light the firecracker, and get away, make sure the golf ball stays on top. Observe any results. Repeat the procedure with the other container.

Larger Container
Smaller Container

Conclusion: Based on the observation it is apparent that the hypothesis was correct in assuming the smaller bottle would propel the golf ball higher. One factor that was not accounted for however was that maybe the fact that the bottles were not stablized may have influenced the results. Perhaps if the bottles were not free to move more energy would have been applied to the golf ball. Since the larger bottle took more momentum to move then the smaller, then it is apparent that more energy was used on the bottle as opposed to on the ball.

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