The Arena of Spiders
Purpose: Evolution is the metamorphous of a species over generations of passing stronger traits to the young. It is said to be among the strongest forces in all of nature. This week Scientific AmeriKen will view various outcomes of evolution in spiders, and put their traits of survival to the test in the arena of spiders.
Hypothesis: Many variables are at work as the bases of evolution. Different spiders have different attributes, which must be accounted for. However, based on the Daddy Long leg's height advantage, and theoretically the strongest venom, it is the hypothesis of this experiment that this spider will be the lone survivor.
Equipment: Needed for this experiment is one large glass jar, 4 smaller cups for housing spiders, a net or  some other method for safely catching spiders, 4 or more spiders. Thick gloves optional.
Procedure:  The first step is to safely find and capture spiders. This was accomplished in this experiment by catching spiders in cups, then placing aluminum foil over the cup. Poking holes in the top will ensure the spider doesn't run out of air. Once specimens are captures, open large glass jar, and being placing spiders in jar. Seal the top of the jar and observe. Note: agitating the jar may be required to bolster action.


Above: the spiders which entered the Arena
Spider which entered
Initial Response
Final result
Daddy Long Leg Spider Attempted to climb wall of Jar Died of Suffocation- first to appear dead.
Unknown Garage Spider Attempt to climb wall of Jar Died of Suffocation- 4th to appear dead
Black Widow Attempt to climb wall of Jar Died of Suffocation- 3rd to appear dead
Unknown Grass Spider Fell onto black widow, then ran toward side of jar - stayed there Died of Suffocation (possibly Poisoned?) 2nd to appear dead
 Conclusion: Going on face value, it is apparent that the rather large unknown garage spider was the strongest spider equipped by evolution in this situation. Though it was unclear whether spiders were dead or just lying in the corners of the jar. The only contact between spiders occurred between the grass spider and black widow though it was unclear whether any venom was exchanged between the two. Though further experimentation may include poking holes in the top of the jar, this experiment does go as far as to prove the importance of oxygen, (and conversely the fraility of natures strongest force - evolution)
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