Purpose:  Silly puddy has long captivated the minds and imagination of millions with its countless attributes. Among these includes its ability to easily be shaped yet is able to bounce, its ability to transfer comic book images onto itself and many others.  This week Scientific AmeriKen will examine a different attribute of silly puddy -- its ability to cover and contain a blast from an M-90.

Hypothesis:  Due to silly puddy's elastic qualities it is hypothesized that the puddy will not be able to completely contain the blast. Weak areas of the puddy covering will stretch from the force of the blast and thus direct the force in that direction, however, should remain generally intact from the blast.


Equipment:  Needed for this experiment include M-90's,  silly puddy,  and matches.


Procedure:  The first step is to set a control m-90. This is done by exploding the m-90 and observing direction of force and general aspects about the explosion.  The next step is to completely cover an m-90 with silly puddy. When this is complete, light the m-90, observe, and compare.

Test Observations Images 
Regular M-90 As see on the picture on the right, explosion took place in all directions. To view the actual explosion, click on the image.
Silly puddy M-90 In this explosion, the silly puddy was able to contain the forces on the sides, however explosion took place on the top of the M-90. To view actual explosion click on image. 
It is also noted that upon further investigation it appeared that the puddy covering the top of the m-90 was missing and had cleanly seperated from the puddy on the m-90.

Conclusion:  The results seem to support the hypothesis, although the silly puddy did not 'stretch' to allow explosive energy to escape.  The silly puddy did exhibit some ability to contain the explosion, and thus may be used to direct the force of explosion.  If this is the case, then further experimentation should be performed which would place weakened areas of silly puddy to see if the explosion can be directed into those areas.  In all, this experiment is just one in millions which demonstrate the wonderful abilities of silly puddy.

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