Purpose:  With the approach of the new millenium, the computer based societies of the world began to worry of the effects the year 2000 would have on computers and other devices which use a date/time system.  Essentially computers were designed using a digit number to register the date so computers read 1999 as just 99. However, upon the turn of the new century the date will change to 00 and in theory computers will not be able to tell whether it is the year 2000 or the year 1900. This week Scientific AmeriKen will risk one of it's own and test the effects of Y2K by setting the date forward on a computer.

Hypothesis:   It is the hypothesis of this experiment that Y2K is all hype and the change of date will not effect the computer and everything should run as normal.
Equipment:  Used in this experiment was a 386/25 laptop pc running windows 3.1
Procedure:  The first step is set up several programs and create test files that will be checked and compared after the change in date. Used in this experiment was a file prepared by Word 2.0. The next step is to change the date. On the particular computer used, this was done by entering Dos and typing in date and entering 12/31/99. Then typing in time to change the time 5 minutes before the new year. After the new year passes reenter programs and check for Y2K malfunctions and any other observations.
Tested Observations
Windows 3.1 Operating System Seemed to function normally, started up and closed allright. 
Word 2.0 Prepared word file was unchanged, new files saved properly
Calculator All numbers typed into and all problems worked out properly
Computer in general Computer functioned normally

Conclusion: Luckily for the computer, Y2K had no effect.  Although this experiment only demonstrates that Y2K had no effect in this circumstance, Scientific AmeriKen feels as though it is safe to assume that a majority of computers will have similar results.  However, even though these results provide some evidence that the event of something drastic happening on Y2K is unlikely, Scientific AmeriKen will not be afraid to participate in any riots and or chaos that might occur as the world enters into the new era.

Scientific AmeriKen

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