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The Purpose: Seek knowledge in the sciences. To delve into the unknown world of chemistry, physics, biology, and general science, in an effort to gather percentages, statistics, and general knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

The Equipment: Whatever can be created with household equipment, whatever can be borrowed from other people, and whatever limited funds of money can buy.

The Bi-Weekly Featured Experiment
Observing Rocket Travel Endurance in Insects

Past Experiments

10/08/99 Recycling Experiment:  Getting Our Fair Share **Update!**
10/22/99 Oxidation Prevention: Keeping good apples from going bad
11/05/99 The Science of Picking Football Winners
11/19/99 Water Filtration Experiment
12/03/99 The Relationship Between Throwing Distance and Object Weight
12/17/99 The Effects of Caffiene on Typing
12/31/99 The Daddy Long Legs:  Spider or Insect?
01/14/00 Testing the Nintendo "No-No's"
01/28/00 Experiment Results Delayed: Please stay Tuned
02/11/00 The Speed of Chromatography
02/25/00 Voltage Differences Between Batteries in Parallel and Series
03/10/00 Experiment Results Delayed: Please stay Tuned
03/24/00 Experiment Results Delayed: Please stay Tuned
04/07/00 Experiment Results Delayed: Please stay Tuned

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