4) Development of Jim throughout the course of the Novel.

Actual Letter:your home page is very informative and has an excellent overview of the
book."The Adventure of Huck Finn"
If you could, can you analyze the development of Jim's character from the
sterotypical "step n' fetch" nigger to the fully human character that he is
protrayed as by the end of the book.and if so can you e-mail.

Answer Given: Umm, well, let's see, o.k. Well, in the beggining, we have Jim kinda traced as a stereotypical unlearned southern negro, in that he is very superstitious, and believes in the arts of Voodoo. In this sense, he is contrasted from the so called white "proper society" This contrast is where Jim is portrayed as a stereotypical negro.
In a way, I don't believe that Jim's character changes much throughout the course of the novel. Jim's character is static, that is, he is the same in the beginning of the book, as he is in the end. In the beginning he is tricked by Huck and Tom, and in the end, he is tricked by huck and tom. He remains superstitious and basically as unlearned as before, furthermore, his love for Huck was the same in the beginning as it was in the end.
There are several instances where Jim is "more Human" in the novel. The first is when Jim stops Huck from seeing his dead pap. However, two arguments are arisen from this instance, the first being that Jim has become more attached to Huck and would not want him to be hurt by seeing his father in such a way, or #2 Jim realizes that if Huck sees his dead pap, Huck would have no reason to run, and would no longer help Jim. But in the sake that we hope Jim becomes more human, we will accept the first one. Anyways, another example is when Jim and Huck meet up with the Duke and Dauphin. We actually find that Jim is able to play with the black stereotype and fit in with using it to avoid suspicion.
However, I still believe, that Jim's character was fully developed in the beginning of the book, especially when Jims reason for Running was that he could eventually get to see his wife and children again.
Oh well, hope that helps :)

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