6)Huck Finn as an Existentialist Hero.


Actual Letter: Hi, I'm looking for research on Huckleberry Finn as an Existential
hero. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the whole thing and I have a
research paper due eventually. I'm having no luck with anything else so I
figured I'd ask you for some help in atleast pointing me in the right
direction. Thanks for your help.

Answer Given: Ummm, sounds like a tough thing for a term paper, hmmm, let's see, as an existential hero, that would mean that, people who are proponants of existentialism would find huck a hero, and existentialism, off the top of my head, if I remember, is the belief that we are placed on this earth by god, and pretty much left alone. Which ultimatly leads to the carpe diem philosophy which entails the idea of "sieze the day" we only live once type of thinking. (see this is how a good paper is written, with a lot of BS :)
Allright, well, basically, it seems we gotta find Huck in situations where his actions show that he doesn't care about the future, but about the 'now' Well along those lines, Huck shuns religion, there is a quote, where Huck like says he doesn't want to go to heaven since people like Mrs. Watson are there. Since, Huck doesn't really profess any religion, that is in a way existentialist. Another part of Huck is his decision to go down the river with Jim. Basically, it's Huck's want for freedom that makes him existentialist.
Oh well, hope that helps....

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