9)Possibility of Huckleberry Finn Being Homosexual.


Actual Letter: I've visited your huck finn website. A friend proposes that
Huck was Gay. Do you believe this? He cites that his only
friends were male. And he had no obvious interest in women.
Also, he went west to escape persecution, possibly settling in
San Francisco.

Answer Given: I've actually heard some of the debate concerning Huck and homosexuality. Suppossedly, the claims come in, with regards to his relation to Jim, and the very personal relationship that he had.
However, I don't feel that Huck was gay for a number of reasons. The first is that he is about 11 or 12 years old.. The notion of homosexuality shouldn't really be a factor with his life. Psycologically speaking, having relationships with men only at his age is considered normal, even the avoidance of women. Additionally, since the actual happenings that happened on the raft are for the most part left up for the readers to decide, it is possible to conjecture the possiblity of sexual encouters between Jim and Huck, but given Huck's age, I would assume that such relations would be better classified has child molestation rather then homosexual tendencies. To get some possible evidence about huck being straight, in one scene, Huck dresses as a girl, which doesn't say much for his being straight, but he is found out by his inability to act like a girl. Oh well, that;s just my opinion....

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