Summary for Jackson Island (Chapters 8-11)

Huck's staged murder worked, and he escaped to Jackson Island. All the towns people believe that Huck has been murdered, and in their ensuing search, nearly kill Huck with a cannon.

Huck enjoy's being by himself, but eventually get's lonely on the island, eventually one night, he finds ashes of a campfire, and upon investigation, find that the ashes belong to Jim. At first Jim thinks that Huck is a ghost, but later Huck proves to Jim that he is still alive.

The two find a nice cavern to live in, they also scavenge off the river picking up stuff including a huge raft (as if that will be used later in the book...). One night, they see a huge wrecked boat float down the river, in which they pull lots of valuables. Jim finds a body, who just happens to be Huck's dad, but doesn't show him the body, and the two leave the boat.

Huck get's sick of fish and all the regular stuff they grab off sinking ships, so he decides to go to the city disguised as a girl. He is found out by some old lady, but convinces the lady that there was a reason he was dressed as so. Eventually he finds out that Jim is a possible suspect in his own murder, finds out that people are after him, and he goes to Jim, warns him, and the two take off down the river in the raft.

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