The Feud (Chapters 17 & 18)

Huck survives the wreck, and finds himself on the river bank. He gets himself to a mansion. The Grangerfords take Huck into their mansion as he tells them that he is George Jackson and has fallen off a steamship. After Huck finishes his story, they show him some of their daughters poetry and drawings. The drawings are quite morbid and the poetry is quite bad, but they all seemed to be impressed by them. Finally, they stick Huck into Buck's room, a boy who is about his age, and the two become good friends.

One day Huck and Buck are out, and they see Harney Shepardson. They stash themselves behind a bush, and Buck takes a shot at Harney. After which, Buck explains what a feud is, and in Buck's particular feud, they are uncertain of how it started.

While at the Grangerford's mansion, Huck deliver's messages for Sophia Grangerford, and one day, while delivering a message, he finds Jim at a river bank. Apparently Jim was preparing the raft for them so that they can continue their voyage.

Huck then goes to church with the Grangerfords and the Shepardsons, and all of them are praying at the church with their guns. (Ironic Huh?) So eventually the Grangerford's find out that Sophia has run off with a Shepardson in good old Shakespearian Romeo and Juliet fashion, and the end result is the all the Grangerfords are killed, and Huck even witnesses Buck get killed, so Huck runs back to the raft, and Jim and him take off.

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