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A Ken's Look into Huckleberry Finn

The Summary

Just to get ya started, its a quick summary of the book - broken down into respective settings! You can also click on the map, complete with legend on the right, to look at the summary.

Character Analysis

Get to know the characters in Huck Finn. These analysis are quick and right to the point, so that they can inform you of the hodge podge group of folks that inhabit the Mississippi River.

Huckleberry Finn Movie Reviews

Find out which movies cover the book and which are just plain good movies. Complete with easy to understand rating system.

Huckleberry Finn Links

Links personally chosen by myself! Find out what everyone else on the net is saying about littl' ol' Huck Finn.

The Ken Overview

My overall take on the book. Take a read, see if you agree. Just kinda what I saw in the book, really just speculating, but, well heck, everyone has an opinion, so here's mine! Check it out!
A Ken's Look into Huckleberry Finn Letterbox

Over this past year, many questions where asked about little ol' Huck. Before you click on the email button, see if your question has already been asked.

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