In the present study Scientific AmeriKen will explore the scientific and economic ramifications surrounding the observation that the wife prefers showers at extremely hot temperatures. Understanding the unique genetic and cellular resistance to such scalding discomfort will have many applications across various job types. However, the purpose of this experiment will be to rule out non-biological possibilities.

Although differences in the tolerance to heat and pain of Scientific AmeriKen and spouse are unknown, there exist a height differential of one foot. It is the hypothesis of this experiment that heat dissipation of the shower stream will be significant enough to account for the preference of water temperature.

Using a thermometer, the shower will be turned on and adjusted to the comfort level of Scientific AmeriKen. Temperature of the water will then be taken at the top, at a position where Scientific AmeriKen stands, one foot below that position and at the bottom (Figure right). To take a measurement of water, one hand will be cupped to collect water and the bulb of the thermometer will be placed for 10 seconds allowing a reading of temperature.

Data were collected mid afternoon with an ambient temperature of roughly 21.1 oC (~70 oF).
Distance (est)
Near top
<3 inches
41.0 oC
Tall position
12 inches
38.5 oC
Short position
24 inches
37.5 oC
Near bottom
~60 inches
36.0 oC

Calculation of cost:
Estimated flow of shower head: 2.0 gallons / min
Estimated length of shower: 15 minutes
Water usage per shower: 30 gallons
Cost of natural gas defined in units of CCF, CCF defined as "Amount of natural gas needed to heat 160 gallons of tap water to 130 oF"
Acquisition and delivery cost of one CCF: $0.586487
Cost to raise one gallon to 130 oF (54.4 oC): $0.00366
Cost to raise one gallon of water one oC (assuming 25oC start): $0.0001245
Cost to maintain one shower one degree warmer (30 gallons): $0.003735
ANNUAL COST (assuming daily showers): $1.36

$10.00 stool at AmazonThe data presented here supports the notion that superhuman powers are not at work. Simple heat dispersion appears be the reason why the wife needs to set the shower heat higher to experience the same temperature shower. However, as calculated, the extra shower heat comes at a cost of an estimated $1.36 per year. In an attempt to prevent future cost, Scientific AmeriKen will propose the use of a stool (Figure right) during showers for wife. Current estimates are that the stool will pay for itself in approximately 7.5 years. Interestingly, the data here also show the preferred range of shower water temperature is fairly narrow at just a few degrees above body temperature 37 oC (98.6 oC. This preferred range is also substantially lower than the preferred temperature we previously reported for a warm beverage (45-55 oC, Link: Heat retention of water). These data will be officially classified under "hmmmm" and no further experimentation is planned in this area.


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