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Project #1
Ball and Stick Modelling of a Protein Domain

UPDATE #1: Preliminary Data

The goal of figuring the atomic configurations of molecules has been difficult to acheive. To know how a protein or other molecule looks like is very important to understanding its function and how to enhance or inhibit it. This it turn could lead to the creation of new drugs and other scientific breakthroughs. The current methods for determining structure (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, X-ray Crystallography, Atomic Force Microscopy, ect.) all possess advantages and disadvantages that a new technique may add to the current knowledge base.

Purpose: By creating a protein out of ball and stick modelling kits it is believed that several new advantages are possible: The model can be easily manipulated to observe interactions, large and close-up three dimensional views may provide new insights, illegitimate constraints will be easily recognized leading to more accurate models.

Targets: To be determined. Protein to be analyzed will either be a full lenght protein or a protein domain of about 50 amino acids.

Project Cost: $500 - Critical to the success of this project is a source of model kits from the same manufacturer so as to maintain correct atomic distances between atoms. A quick estimate is a model kit will provide enough componants to construct 4 amino acids, as 50 are needed, we estimate 13 kits are needed at ~30.00 a piece, plus other needed items.

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