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Welcome to Scientific AmeriKen Budget and Finances

Scientific AmeriKen is a not-for-profit webzine devoted to enriching our knowledge of science and developing an environment where everyone can participate in the enjoyment of learning regardless of scientific background.

As a method of enhancing these aspects and increasing the potential of the website, Scientific AmeriKen presents the Budget and Finances section. This section is where money can be donated and used by the website to fund science related Scholarship and Contest opportunities as well as fund more expensive Scientific AmeriKen experiments.

Please visit the following areas:

HALL OF CONTRIBUTORS: This section is devoted to those who have donated to Scientific AmeriKen. Scientific AmeriKen will host (at a minimum) 1 large scholarship event per year and the biggest donator will have their name on the award.

PROPOSED PROJECT: The proposed project for donated funds is one of the goals of the section. Scientific AmeriKen will detail one or more projects where your donation dollars will be heading.

SCHOLARSHIPS & CONTESTS: Besides scientific projects, money will also be used to fund Scholarships and Contest. Entry into these events will be done in this section as well as posting of previous winners.

OPEN VIEW OF BUDGET AND FINANCES: Scientific AmeriKen is a not-for-profit webzine. Here we will document all incoming and outgoing funds for the website.

DONATE TO SCIENTIFIC AMERIKEN: Here is your chance to help the cause. Click on this link to go to our donation form where you can contribute and help us make the world a better place!

Hall of Contributors Proposed Project Scholarships & Contests Budget and Finances Donate to Scientific AmeriKen