Summary of Various Voyages on the Raft (Chapters 14-16)

After the riverboat wreck, Huck and Jim start floating down the river. They still have lots of loot that they were able to grab from the boat, and in that loot, there is a book. In the book that Huck reads are lots of stories about kings, dukes and lords, and this eventually will lead up to why Huck and Jim are deceived by them. Anyways, Huck and Jim start talking about a lot of things. First off, Jim doesn't think Soloman was to wise for splitting a baby in half, and also Jim doesn't understand why a Frenchman doesn't speak English, but still is considered a man.

Huck and Jim's goal is to reach Cairo, a city that lies where the Ohio and Mississippi meet. When they nearly reach their goal, a thick fog envelops the them and the raft. Huck takes a canoe, an attempts to tie the raft up, however, loses the rope and ultimately loses Jim and the raft. Eventually by the next day Huck gets to the raft to wake Jim. He then convinces Jim that the whole incident of the previous night was a dream, however, Jim finds out, get's angered and Huck then apologizes to him.

They travel down the river a little further Jim starts talking about what he is going to do once he gets free, and this upsets Huck, because it sickens him to be called an abolitionist, and to go against society, so Huck grabs the canoe and starts to go to shore to tell someone, while he is doing so, Jim tells him how great a friend he is.

Huck finds two slave catchers, but he then has a change of mind, and decides not to tell the men about Jim. When they want to check out the raft to make sure, Huck says that it is his dad who is on board, and he lets the men assume that his father has small pox, and the men get scared at this, leave Huck money and run off.

Unfortunately for Jim and Huck, during the fog they passed Cairo, and they lost their raft, and as they float down the river a steamboat smashes the boat and Jim and Huck get separated.

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