The Phelps Plantation (Chapters 32-43)

When Huck arrives at the Phelps plantation, he is greeted by a woman who thinks that he is Tom Sawyer, and the woman is Aunt Sally, Tom Sawyer's Aunt. Because Huck knows Tom so well, he is able to make up stories so that he can play the role of Tom Sawyer.

Huck then leaves towards town saying that he is getting his luggage, and he runs into the real Tom Sawyer. At first Tom thinks that Huck is a ghost, but Huck convinces him otherwise, and also convinces him to help him get Jim to freedom. When they arrive at the Phelps plantation, Tom convinces Aunt Sally that he is really Sid Sawyer.

The two find Jim chained up as a prisoner in a hut behind the house. Huck's plan to free him involves stealing the key, freeing Jim, and getting back on the raft, and go back down the river. However, Tom finds the plan too simple, and changes the plan to digging a hole underneath the hut, sawing off the leg of the bed that Jim is chained to, then using a rope ladder, having Jim break out the window.

Throughout their attempts to free Jim, they encounter many difficulties with Tom's elaborate plan, but eventually, the plan is ready to go. The previous night before the escape, Tom tells the Phelp's that Indians are planning on stealing Jim. So the next day rolls around, Huck get's caught for stealing butter sent to the "setting-room" there he sees a bunch of farmers with guns who are waiting for the Indians to come, and then Huck slips away to join Tom and Jim. The three escape as planned, and while they are doing so, Tom makes some noise, and the men shoot at them, and Tom get's shot in the leg.

Huck makes up an elaborate story to the doctor who takes care of Tom. Then Aunt Sally catches Huck and punishes him by making him stay in his room. Meanwhile Jim is chained up again, and this time he has a guard to watch him. The next day, Tom is delirious from the gun shot wound, as soon as he gains consciousness, he tells Aunt Sally the whole story, and also tells them that Jim is supposed to be free because Miss Watson freed him in her will.

Finally Aunt Polly comes up from St Petersburg, and reveals the true identities of Tom and Huck. Then Jim is released from his chains, and Tom gives him 40 dollars for being a prisoner and finally in an exciting conclusion, well, I'll let the book finish it.....

....But I reckon I got to light out for the Territory ahead of the rest, Because Aunt Sally she's going to adopt me and sivilize me and I can't stand it. I've been there before.

The End. Yours Truly, Huck Finn.

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