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The results of the experimentation has provided evidence for the recursive splicing model. The two step model first demonstrated that intermediate product was formed from the splicing of the full mRNA. Second it demonstrated that final product was formed from the splicing of the intermediate mRNA.

Although this experiment has provided evidence in support of the model, it does not provide decisive proof. The products detected from the experiment may be a result of other processes and there may be other factors that may get involved due to a two step process in showing this model. Future experiments will aim to complete this experiment in a one step processes. To accomplish this, the experiment will need a process called RT-PCR. PCR is a process by which small amounts of DNA are amplified into large amounts. RT-PCR is the process of going from RNA to DNA, then amplifying. This process may be able to detect structures that would only exist if a splicing takes place and provide stronger evidence of the model.

The information gathered in this experiment sheds some light on the mystery of the larger introns. Perhaps the mechanisms involved in the special splice sites may be closely related to the mechanism involved in alternative splicing - the process where by taking two differents paths of mRNA splicing can lead to two different protein products. Alternative splicing defects have been linked to several forms of cancer and other genetic defects.


The completion of this experimentation would not be possible without the aid and assistance of Dr. Hitoshi Suzuki. In addition I thank Dr. Akila Mayeda for assistance, technical and monetary support to make this experiment possible. This experiment was performed at the University of Miami.

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